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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Wordsearch Crossword Puzzles Recommend    

Wordsearch Crossword Puzzles Recommend

Czech Republic

Wordsearch Crossword Puzzles Recommend
I would like to recommend free Eclipse Crossword software. It makes ediatable crosswords + keys. You can import your own wordlists!!!!
You can combine fill in exercises with a wordsearch... See:

I also use free Hot Potatoes software http://hotpot.uvic.ca/
to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the www.

CAN YOU RECOMMEND A GOOD WORSEARCH SOFTWARE to make a wordsearch with a hidden message?
DO you know any software which makes EDITABLE wordsearches - the wordsearch can be edited in MS Word or Excell??

20 Jun 2010      

United States

I bought discovery puzzlemaker which you can also use online. (I think) to make wordsearches with hidden clues.

20 Jun 2010     



Here is a tool which makes wordsearch puzzles with any words that you wish - http://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordsearch/

For making puzzles in the classroom, I use a simple blank grid (prepared beforehand by myself) which I give to my students and ask them to fill the grid with, say, the new words of the previous lesson. They write in the words and fill the rest of the squares with meaningless letters. Then they exchange the puzzles and each tries to solve the classmate �s puzzle.

20 Jun 2010     

Czech Republic


20 Jun 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for your tips !!! Great !!!!

21 Jun 2010