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ESL forum > Teaching material > Adult Readers Level 3 or higher    

Adult Readers Level 3 or higher


Adult Readers Level 3 or higher
Hi all,
I wonder if anyone knows of any good esl "readers" for adults. I �ve tried google, but can �t find anything.  I �m looking for published short stories or small books designed for intermediate level esl readers.  Books that esl learners can buy, read and enjoy by themselves. 
Thanks in advance,

22 Jun 2010      


Longman has a great variety of books that are actually written according to instruction levels. You can find all kinds of subjects, from history to drama, to best sellers rewritten so all levels of students can enjoy them. And they are not very expensive, at least not in Romania. you might try also Oxford Publishing, they have also a series of books written for this purpose.

22 Jun 2010     


I also got some of the McMillan readers this year and I was really impressed. Especially at the intermediate and advanced level, they have some of the best adaptations I �ve seen. I think Longman readers and McMillan are the best out there. I was especially impressed with their adaptation of Macbeth. Their webpage has some you can download for free and extra material to test comprehension on every reader. I even got some samples for free from them after ordering the books I needed directly from them

22 Jun 2010     


I agree with viccxx about MacMillan http://www.macmillanenglish.com/readers/portal/portal.html - they really have great stuff. Penguin readers are also fine http://www.penguinreaders.com/

22 Jun 2010     

Amanda W

Dear Belles,
     I can recommend The Ladies No 1 Detective Angency for adult learners. It is a Penguin Reader Level 3. The characters are really nice and the different cases very interesting. Is set in Botswana and written by Alexander McCall Smith. I �ve done it with several adult classes and they all really enjoyed it. It comes with a CD, too, if wanted - good for listening activities. Smith has written several books with the same detective and Penguin Readers do a Level 4, too, called The Tears of the Giraffe which is a nice follow up. Story is just as good as the first one. This I can recommend as well. Hope it helps. Mandy

22 Jun 2010     


Thank you, all,  for your support and wonderful guidance. I �ll look into The Ladies No 1 Detective Agency and I �ve perused the site links that you were kind enough to give anitarobi:). Thanks also for your prespectives viccxx and Dyanna13!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

22 Jun 2010     


Penguin crime stories are usually appreciated by both adults and teens!

23 Jun 2010     


Orca publishing also has novels with teen/adult subjects that might be suitable. 

Penguin as noted above is also popular.  They will take a regular book and make it easier for esl students to understand.  You might check out "Snow Falling on Cedars".  a level six in their classification.  Other Penguins are also classics like Pride and Prejudice.  etc.

23 Jun 2010