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Letters (Messages/Notes) for Young Learners


Letters (Messages/Notes) for Young Learners
Hello everybody,

Just a question:  Does anybody know of a website where we can find samples of letters for young children (age 6 to 7)?  

It would be ideal if anyone knew of a printable resource that includes a whole story that is told through letters sent between the characters in the story.  It would be an engaging way to expose students to letter writing.

Thanks in advance!

Edit:  Please note that "letters" here means messages and notes to friends, etc.  I´ve also changed the subject of my post to reflect this.

22 Jun 2010      


check this link-

22 Jun 2010     


Thank you for the help Victoria.  I knew I should have made my post clearer.
I meant letters as in messages that we send to friends/each other.

Dear John letters, for example.

Thanks for the assistance anyway!

22 Jun 2010     


The story �The letter � from the book �Frog and Toad are Friends � by Arnold Lobel might be nice. It tells about how Frog sends a letter to his friend Toad by snail mail (literally) and together they wait for it to arrive. It stesses how great it is to get a letter from a friend, very sweet.

22 Jun 2010     


Thanks MarionG!
There are lots of lesson plans connected to that too!
I �m going to try to find a copy at the library. 

Please continue to post more ideas/suggestions, especially ones that may be printable. 
I welcome them!

22 Jun 2010     


Hi! Have you already tried writinga_z.com ? There are lots of free samples and as far as I remember there are several letters for different  levels included . I think that this is a fantastic site to get kids writing... Hope it �s useful! A big hug from hot PortugalHug

23 Jun 2010