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Great website with lots of resources


Great website with lots of resources
Hi, everyone!
I īve just come back from England, where I īve been  visiting some English Primary Schools in Manchester and Sheffield and I īve seen that most of the classrooms walls are covered with signs and messages about different subjects: literacy, numeracy, PSHE as well as those messages related to well behaviour. Most of the signs come from a couple of websites that I īve already visited and there are lots of free downloadable resources which can be really useful to stick in our classrooms.
In case you want to have a look at them, here they are:
And if you are one, like me, who have just started summer holiday, then...

9 Jul 2010      


Just so you know, about that website ... Our friend Lindsey let us know about this some months ago :
The suggestion was NOT to use those resources ... given the person they "come" from ...

9 Jul 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Pachy
Hi Alicia

I ī  m not defending/ nor accusing  no one, I don īt know this person, but we can not judge tings like this.

He has been creating tons of wonderful material, for free, ..........

Everyone here, in Esl, downloads what I upload. NOBODY has ever asked me about my sex life. I download your printables - never asked about your sex preferences
Newspapers,  we say here, in this part of the planet, sometimes get pregnant by the ears.

The site IS NOT BLOCKED - I have just been there and checked.
I DON īT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, except for what the press wants me to know.
I don īt want to know ONLY what the press wants me to know.
This man has been doing a fantastic work for everyone of us and , my opinion, we shouldn īt crucify ANYONE when we don īt have evidence.

The given link, Alicia, leads you to the very site, which, indeed, is not blocked.

News, from here and there, the wind blows, and when it doesn īt blow on my face, I can sleep, tonight. But, if the wind decides to blow right in my face, I raise and stand and I say:


the others, who knows?

I know I will be crucified, but this is a very delicate issue, I know, I just want to part waters.
Guity, is guilty, press is press.
For me, though I live in what you may call a free country , oh, LOL, let me tell you, we never know , better, we think we know, but just what they let us know.
I have checked the copyright, on the way, and I discovered that I hadn īt read it propoerly the first time, so, now, I know I have a few things to change in my printables all around.
Thanks for making me go back to the site and pay some more attention to the copyright notice.

9 Jul 2010     


Hi Linda

This was the original post I put up. Of course it is up to every individual to decide what they consider to be correct in a situation like this. The media often accuses someone without proof. In this case, I believe them to be correct about this man and I choose not to use his site. As a general rule someone īs private life should not affect their professional life. I would never ask someone about their sex life and hope never to be asked about mine. However when the website is distributing material to be used in classrooms for children, I would feel uncomfortable knowing where it came from. It īs slightly different to general questions about someone īs sex life IMO.

That īs just my opinion - many people continue to use the site and that īs their right - I would never judge them for it. We all do what our conscience dictates.

Hugs from Spain.



9 Jul 2010     


Hi Olinda, I just wanted Pachy to know about a fact . I īm not judging anyone, just passing on information. And, for me, pedophilia is not a sex "preference"... but, I will not get into any arguments here ...
Have a good night īs sleep ...
Hi Lindsey, I just read your post, hope you donīt mind that I copied and pasted your link to the news, I just wanted Pachy to know about it .   
A hug from cold, cold Montevideo ...

9 Jul 2010     


Dear Linda,

I agree this is a VERY sensitive matter. Nobody asks anybody about their sexual life, that īs true, too! BUT, at least for myself, when I know somebody- specially a teacher - is a pedophile, I feel I MUST let other people know about it. Thanks Alicia for that.

I have a daughter. I remember when I lived in Germany some yeas ago how crazy, desperate, and unsecure we were because there were so many cases of pedophiliia. Lots of children disappeared everyday... And this is not only in Europe but everywhere. The simple thought that  something could happen to her made me go crazy.

 I do think pedophiles are murderers, they rob our children īs innocence. Is there anything worse than that? I do not have appropriate vocabulary in English to describe my feelings  for those people. Yes they are sick, but they are more than that, they are monsters who do not deserve to be among our children, not even developing resources to teach them like this person of Sparklebox.
I usually do not say anything in this forum but I could not keep silent this time. Sorry for that.
Best wishes

9 Jul 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Pachy, Lindsey,Alicia

I knew that what I wrote would rise a few comments.
Alicia, I understand you tried to pass some inf, but...
My question is:
Are you sure you passed the whole info?
Are you sure you passed the right one?

Are we sure, when we, so diligently pass some kind of info, what  we are passing?

Are we sure if what we read in papers, listen on the news are the right things.
Or have reached a target that we pass everything without being sure, without even questioning if this is credible.

This problem of "pedophilia is not a sex preference", as you say Alicia - may be you are right.
Have you considered that it may be a kind of "illness", something different , that we are not used to and so we blame ī
pedophilia is around there, so we have to look at, and see, and deal and solve.

What about prostitution?

Women that earn their daily bread, we are to blame. Expensive ones, we don īt face, they are in/ on an upper stair.

These things are very, very difficult to deal, I don īt want to blame them, I don īt understand, so I can īt judge.



9 Jul 2010     


As I said, Olinda, no arguments ... I īm not as "open minded" as you are, it seems ... 

9 Jul 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Sulany
Sorry I didn īt mention your name, we crossed our posts.
I understand what you , all of you, are saying, but
if we are teachers, we can īt leave no one behind. If we think, feel, know they are wrong, we MUST look for an answer.
i am not saying this is OK. I also have children, I feel terrible, but, what about them? They behave in a different way, we are responsible, we have to do, not to judge, we have to act, not to blame.
And besides, I feel, many, many of these news, are but news.Press has to sell, tv channels have audiences, magazines are to close, everything that may increase income, is worth.
Well, this is what I feel, the place I live, may be 100% different in your place. Hope so

9 Jul 2010     


I do respect your point of view linda but I have to admit that I also choose not to use his site. I just canīt stand it.

9 Jul 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi , you all,
it īs kind of late, here. 2:23 am
let me tell one thing,

The question is not if you respect or don īt respect my point of view. I didn īt tell my point.

My point, here, in the forum, is only one. News say -  but what news say has been proved not to be true, or, at least, proved.
I wouldn īt like to be considered guilty, without proof.
I know where I live, I know what press can do, I don īt believe in this power anymore, so, there is pretty little I can believe.

See you around, off to bed, sleepy enough, love you all and I always feel happy whenever such a sensitive subject drops here and people with different feelings, opinions, ideas, can talk in a peaceful way.
This is great

9 Jul 2010     

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