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Could anyone help me?


Could anyone help me?
I have to provide my pupils (Pre-intermediate level) with some info about the British Isles but I �d like to do it by means of a video. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

15 Jul 2010      


Good morning Ana,

Have you seen this page? The links take you to more videos and the best thing is there are quizzes and comprehension check.

The site is great for other material too. You may find something really useful there.

15 Jul 2010     

United Kingdom

Excellent link, Baiba. I �ve just had a look at the short City of Glasgow video (made me come over all homesick, it did). Good, straightforward listening comprehension to accompany it. There seems to be something for everybody here. Weel done!


15 Jul 2010     


Good morning anamb7:
Many years ago, I worked with a video called TWO DAYS IN SUMMER.  In their episodes, there were a lot of London landscapes. I don �t know it �s still in the market.

15 Jul 2010     


There is a great video called WINDOW ON BRITAIN from Oxford University Press. I have been using a lot in the classroom and the students simply love all the topics ( Food, school, pop music, London etc.)
have a nice day.

15 Jul 2010     


Thanksssssssssssss! You �ve all been so helpful. I �m fond of this site because I learn ... and learn and learn and never stop learning from you all!!
Thanks again!
Oh, and happy winter holidays to all the teachers that start winter recess next week!

15 Jul 2010