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Books for children

United States

Books for children
I was wondering if anyone knows a good website, where one could buy second hand or cheap books for kids (preferable in the UK sue to the shipping costs), except for amazon and ebay. (real books, not for download) :)


17 Jul 2010      

United Kingdom

What about a book exchange site, Sara? Something like http://bookmooch.com/ which kind of works on the same principle as eslp: put something in, get something back...

Worth a look, anyway.


Oh, and there�s also http://www.abebooks.com/ -  online bookshop includes good value (and hard-to-find) 2nd hand books.

17 Jul 2010     


Hello there, I buy English books for my classroom and for my (bilingual) sons from Amazon UK and Amazon France.  I have also found second-hand English books in our local Emmaus shop - it �s worth a try!

17 Jul 2010     

United States

I also buy used book through Amazon Uk - and they are really cheap!!
It �s wonderful that they give the option of buying used and not only new.

17 Jul 2010     


I use bookmooch as well and it works really well! quite a few kids books on there.
have a good evening

17 Jul 2010     

United States

Thanks a lot for your ideas :) i really appriciate them!

17 Jul 2010     


I buy second-hand childrens books from the library (their discards) and second hand sales (like church fetes). Sometimes I also use e-bay and Amazon.

18 Jul 2010