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Survey may refer to:

[edit]Quantitative research

  • Statistical survey, a method for collecting quantitative information about items in a population
  • Paid survey, a method for companies to collect consumer opinions about a product by offering them money as rewards


  • Surveying, the technique and science of measuring positions and distances on Earth
  • Aerial survey, a method of collecting information using aerial photography
  • Cadastral survey, used to document land ownership, by the production of documents, diagrams, plats, and maps
  • Dominion Land Survey, the method used to divide most of Western Canada into one-square-mile sections for agricultural and other purposes
  • Public Land Survey System, a method used in the United States to survey and identify land parcels
  • Survey township, a square unit of land, six miles (~9.7 km) on a side, used by the U.S. Public Land Survey System

[edit]Earth Sciences

  • Geological survey, an investigation of the subsurface of the ground to create a geological map or model
  • Geophysical survey, the systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies
  • Soil survey, the mapping of the properties and varieties of soil in a given area
  • Hydrographic survey, the gathering of information about navigable waters for the purposes of safe navigation of vessels
  • Cave survey, the three-dimensional mapping of underground caverns; the resulting map is also referred to as a survey

[edit]Construction and Mining

  • Construction surveying Locating of structures relative to a reference line, used in the construction of buildings, roads, mines and tunnels
  • Deviation survey, used in the oil industry to measure a borehole �s departure from the vertical



  • Astronomical survey, imaging or mapping regions of the sky
  • Durchmusterung, a German word for a systematic survey of objects or data, generally used in astronomy
  • Redshift survey, an astronomical survey of a section of the sky to calculate the distance of objects from Earth


  • Survey article, a scholarly publication to summarize an area of research


19 Jul 2010      

Catalina Sorina

Question A text from Wikipedia... And???????Confused

19 Jul 2010     


A bigbig waste of time! This page is uploaded as a worksheet too!?????

19 Jul 2010     


can you please edit your post? because except for the text from wikipedia you forgot to include your question...

19 Jul 2010     



19 Jul 2010     

Mariethe House


19 Jul 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

19 Jul 2010     

Lina Ladybird

You are sooo right, dear Linda... But I still feel sorry for someone who has nothing to do! ;))

19 Jul 2010     


lol Linda

19 Jul 2010     


and I really envy someone who has nothing to do Wink but I don �t really envy such "bright" ideas what to do with this spare time Clown

19 Jul 2010     


stop answering this post, pls, and start new threads, so this one could be pushed out - I think it �s messing up the forum with all the links in itCry

19 Jul 2010     

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