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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Small test for kids    

Small test for kids


Small test for kids
I īm going to finish a course for 3-5 years old kids. I īm wondering it is wise to have them tested with some short questions or not. I think I can give some remark to their parents on the course and their improvement. How can I do?
Please, if you are experienced with this age, give me some advice. Thanks alottttttttttttttt!

26 Jul 2010      


I do it!!!
you can ask them some questions, for example you show them a picture (a cat) and they have to say cat, or tell them to do something, for example: jump! and they jump, colour the sun yellow, and they do it.
you need to know if your students have learnt something, because parents will ask you, so you have to be ready to answer, and parents really like seeing their children learning another language.... simple questions will help you...

26 Jul 2010     


You can try with picture dictation, for example you tell them: the cat in on the table and sts draw it. You can do this with presposition of place, have got/has got, colours.
Good luck!

27 Jul 2010     


Yes, I did the same today and the result was great. I show them some pictures and ask them about the colors, animals.... They did well and happy too. Thank you two for your help!

28 Jul 2010