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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Techniques to teach "do and does" to young learners.    

Techniques to teach "do and does" to young learners.


Techniques to teach "do and does" to young learners.
Hello, I īm asking again how do you teach "do" and "does" to young learners. How do they recognise them?

27 Jul 2010      

Bruna Dutra

Hi Neda... the matter you īre asking again is so simple that I bet many people are thinking: "how can a teacher not know how to do that"? I can tell you, I was.
But let me try to help.

There īs nothing to "recognize". Latin languages like Spanish and Portuguese do not use auxiliaries like English uses. They īll never īunderstand ī the use if you try to compare with Spanish for them to "recognize".

you just need to help your students understand that English works in different ways and for the QUESTIONS AND NEGATIVES you NEED TO USE the auxiliaries DO and DOES for the action verbs in the Present Simple constructions. And of course, give them tons of examples and make them speak and practice. Eventually, they īll learn how ENGLISH works, and will learn the language.

I guess that īs it. Of course, there are thousands of great wss on this topic that will certainly help you more than anything we tell you. You should take a look and download some to help you.

Take care,


27 Jul 2010     

Puerto Rico

neida, i have a powerpoint named tenses . you can download it for free in my blog. here is the address  http://lizsantiagoeslworsheets.blogspot.com/    there is a video section where you can preview the ppts before downloading them. so check if  this ppt can help you.

27 Jul 2010     


a lot of fun is putting some pics of  favourite cartoons/ idols etc with a photo of food or drink

does Brad like cheese?
no Brad doesn īt like cheese
he likes   ham

Does  Barbie like  scarey movies?
NO! Barbie doesn īt like scarey movies
So....what does Barbie like?
Barbie likes buying clothes

this sort of thing is great fun

27 Jul 2010     


You can try the "Grammar Time" series. I īm not sure but I think it īs Pearson Longman

28 Jul 2010     


There is no such important pattern to follow up about -How do I teach them when to use the different forms? For example, when do we use "do" and when do we use "does"? You can just go with follow to understand it or get learning with https://groupieluvv.com/forums/ where you can have a conversation about the same with many people

2 Nov 2022