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ESL forum > > Your materials at Czech website for teachers :-(    

Your materials at Czech website for teachers :-(

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

Your materials at Czech website for teachers :-(
I am really sorry, but I found some your contributions at Czech website for teachers:

login: test
password: test

I found one worksheet from katiana:
Czech website: http://www.sborovna.cz/kniznica.php?action=show_version&id=56836 (author isn īt written katiana )

Maybe more users ccan find their own work there. You can look through English printables: http://www.sborovna.cz/naj.php?vlib_subject_id=r65&vlib_grade_id=&vlib_school_type_none=&full=0&action=listing_najnovsie

I wrote PM to katiana, evelinamaria and Victor.

28 Jul 2010      

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

I also found some worksheets from Vanda:

28 Jul 2010     


Again????? Angry

Thank you very much for your warning dear

Iīll try to contact the person responsible for that website and letīs see what I can do to solve this (once again) Cry

A big Hug


28 Jul 2010     


Would there be ways to prevent this in the future? Would there be ways to limit people īs ability to redistribute other people īs work as their own?


28 Jul 2010     

Czech Republic

It īs a Czech website so I am going to write to the provider. Let īs see what will happen.


28 Jul 2010     

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

I wrote to the provider of this Czech site a few hours ago.

28 Jul 2010     

lucak (F)
Czech Republic

Dear friends,

it is not only Czech website, but also SLovak!

www.sborovna.cz (Czech website)
www.sborovna.sk (Slovak)

I found  http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=207203#thetop Svetlanaīs bookmarks there.

SLovak page: http://www.zborovna.sk/kniznica.php?action=show_version&id=12286. Svetlana isnť mentioned as an author Cry

Please, check these two websites...

28 Jul 2010