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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > to miss donapeter , i think ive got your message !!!!!!!    

to miss donapeter , i think ive got your message !!!!!!!


Don �t be so harsh... The use of words such as "troll" and "banish" isn �t necessary here. ESL Printables should not be a dictatorship.

I have not learnt anything new in this thread. I knew the truth.
In the past I �ve had many reasons to hate this member. But I forgave him/her because he/she changed his/her attitude towards me and gave up on his/her accusations. These accusations were based only on my nationality and identity and believe me, they hurt me very deeply.
Other people here have behaved in a "creepy" way in the past. They seem to have learnt from it and came back more peaceful and tolerant.
We should learn to forgive. It isn �t easy. I �m not always good at it myself. But in the case of "lovely muslima" I have tried to forgive. For me, personally, it �s a step towards peace.
Best wishes from Jerusalem,

30 Jul 2010     


I don �t see a point in forgiving when people do not regret what they did and carry on acting in the same way. If this continued it would make me a forgiving-machine which would be busy forgiving at the same pace as the other person creates trouble.

I don �t think such issues as khaled/lovely muslima or multiple identities are a moral issue of forgiveness or something we should use to improve our character.

I think they simply disturbe the peace of this site and should be dealt with in a practical way, not a moral one.

30 Jul 2010     


I agree with you, elderberrywine. And would like to add that besides causing trouble this member is infringing the site rules:
- the he or she addressed a topic for another member and according to Victor, the forum is not for "personal use" or attacks.
- the he or she was banned from this site (and s/he deserved that, Victor is a fair and patient person) and created a second account to participate in it. We are not to use second accounts, specially after being banned.
And I see that this person doesn �t learn from his/her own mistakes, s/he has already opened a new thread, just to send personal insults to some other members.
IMHO this attitude (constantly repeated) is not to be forgiven, it �s to be punished. But the site is not mine, so when the owner returns he will decide what to do. Until then, I see that we �ll have to stand this kind of ridiculous threads from him/her cluttering the forum and consuming the rest of our patience.
Have a nice day!

30 Jul 2010     

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