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ESL forum > Teaching material > Sending the second part of a game, not combining and not advertising at the same time    

Sending the second part of a game, not combining and not advertising at the same time


Sending the second part of a game, not combining and not advertising at the same time
Dear friends,

I hope I won �t trigger bad emotions here, but I have a question about sending a second part of a game.

I started preparing a game with speaking cards, my students loved it and want to have more of these cards. I uploaded them here, lots of teachers used it and found it interesting. Now I took the time to prepare more cards and want to upload them, so that everybody, who downloaded the first set, will be able to download the second for free in the new contributions. BUT: doing that would mean a second WS which could have been combined with the first one (thanks to the new file size limit) --> probably getting comments like "you could have combined it with your first ws, the file limit is 500kb now" ...

Were I to combine the two sets, it wouldn �t show up in the new contributions and teachers who downloaded the first set wouldn �t see the new addition. Since advertising is prohibited, I wouldn �t mention it here in the forum.

So what do you think? What is the best way of handling this situation?

2 Aug 2010      


If you prepared new cards you can upload them perhaps explaining it in the description. Further on you could update your worksheet and combine the two.

2 Aug 2010     


Discussions like these aren �t any fun and so sad, really.

We should all combine and compress as much as possible AND we shouldn �t have to be afraid of uploading extra materials in different documents later. 

This is crazy. We are teachers.

Solutions, anyone?


2 Aug 2010     


Just my opinion, but I think it is fine for you to upload them separately. It �s not like you had them, or even knew you were going to be making them when you uploaded the first part, in which case you could have (and probably should have) uploaded them together.  Of course as teachers we are always developing our resources and building on our students needs and likes, it stands to reason that we may develop similar resources at a later date and I don �t think anyond should (or will) be penalized for it.
Hope this helps and have a great day.

2 Aug 2010     


It seems to me perfectly normal to upload it now and mention what you have already told here. Bb is right , only because there were some cases of people who made 2 wss: task and answers or colored ws and BW ws, it doesn �t mean people can �t upload extra material. There is no rule to be against what you want to do. 

2 Aug 2010