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Choosing Readers


Choosing Readers
Hi, I need to decide on readers to use with my students in this second part of the year and I �d like to get your opinions on which are the most interesting titles (not necessarily well-known) for these groups:
1) 2nd juniors: a group between beginner and intermediate level, 12 years old
2) 3rd adolescents: pre-intermediate group, 14 years old
3) 2nd adults: elementary level, male students in their twenties
I know I can check the catalogues on the web pages but I want to know the results, the feedback you got from your students or the impressions you got after reading them.
Thanks for sharing with me; it �s the first time I have to make these choices and, as you can see, I don �t find it easy Ermm  

3 Aug 2010      


Penguin always has a vast selection which I have used and the students have enjoyed.  Another publisher is Orca.  www.orcabook.com
There books -- Soundings and Currents are well written and topical.  Look at their website.

3 Aug 2010     


Dear Chilvis,

my students like the Fudge-series by Judy Blume a lot. I usually read it with my 8th graders (13 or 14 years old). The first book is "Tales of a fourth grade nothing". It�s NOT simplified and still rather easy to read, and great fun. It�s about a New York family. The older brother tells the story - lots of really funny things happen with his little brother Fudge.
Another book (very different kind) I could recommend is "When Hitler stole pink rabbit" by Judith Kerr, telling the story of a Jewish family in Berlin, who make it out of Germany in time - the story of their escape is very touching and interesting to read. Over here WW2 is a big topic in 8th grade, so that fits in nicely then.
For your older ones maybe "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" by Mark Haddon would be interesting. An autistic boy tells the story - highly interesting, and very simple to read.
And I love almost everything written by Roald Dahl, but my favourite is "Danny, the champion of the world" - it�s so sweet! Also great: "The BFG" and "Matilda".
As you can see, there are no classics among these books, but what the heck - the kids love them, I think that�s more important :).

Hope I could help!
Have a great day, best wishes from Austria,

3 Aug 2010     

Czech Republic

I use Macmillan books, they usually include a CD as well. I downloaded many books on the net so I didn�t have to buy them. You can go to our Czech site called "www.ulozto.cz and in the seach window write Macmillan and you will find 5 "rar" files with all the books and audio. I think it�s perfect. There are many levels so all your students can choose. I hope it helped. Marie

3 Aug 2010     


I use Express Publishing  Readers.They are accompanied by CDs/CD-ROMs/DVDs.
Here is the link:http://www.expresspublishing.co.uk/index_of_readers.php?Country=uk

3 Aug 2010     


Thank you very much for your contribution!!!Thumbs Up
I �m already checking the sites...
Have a great week Wink

5 Aug 2010