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ESL forum > > My worksheet īs been removed!! Someone stole it from me!!! I didn īt steal it!!!    

My worksheet īs been removed!! Someone stole it from me!!! I didn īt steal it!!!


My worksheet īs been removed!! Someone stole it from me!!! I didn īt steal it!!!
My worksheet "9 exercises to practice verb to be" has been removed because it is said that I stole it from Sylwia1234, no way!!!!!! It īs my worksheet!!!! I did it last year and she uploaded the same but she only changed some colours. I was pregnant and I was about to have my baby girl when she stole it from me!!!! (in April) That īs why I never knew about that till today that I was noticed that my work has been removed. Please Victor, I want my worksheet back!!!!! why did this person did this??? People!!! I don īt know what to do!!!

7 Aug 2010      


dimitrys hold your breath, go about this in a rational and polite way, stop shouting at us with series of exclamation marks and stop opening threads about something that happens dozens of times every day and is far from being an international desaster. We know it īs unfair when one īs worksheets are stolen but all this anger doesn īt help. One thread about it is enough.

8 Aug 2010     


Hi:) I īm Monika. I īve got the message that my worksheets are stolen. How is that possible? I īve done all my worksheets by myself. What īs more I īve uploaded them a long time ago and it was yesterday that some people noticed that they are stolen. It īs not possible because all of the worksheets are made by me. Their form even suggest that they are made by me as they are saved all in word documents. How can people be so cruel and write that I cheat the worksheets? Can you please explain it to me? Maybe there īs some kind of mistake and they didn īt mean my worksheets but somebody īs else īs. Let me know asap.

I īm looking forward to hearing from you.


8 Aug 2010     


Hello here! I īm a newly registered member here. I just want to say that stealing others ī work is something irrelevant to one īs moral values as an individual and as a teacher. It īs a big shame to a see a teacher uloading others ī worksheets and stating that they are his/hers. I advise these "cheaters", I mean teachers, to be more straight with their minds and towards others ī feeling. How would they feel if they were in their victims ī situation? Do they keep cool? I think not.

8 Aug 2010     

United States

S. Redouane - on the contrary - stealing other īs work is very relevant to moral values - especially for teachers. We īre role models here and the last thing we need are people who are unscrupulous and without morals.  I assume that is what you meant.

8 Aug 2010