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Word of the Day

United Kingdom

Word of the Day
Hello and Good Morning to All!
Today �s word is;       Steatopygic
All contribuitions are welcome, whether guesses or logically worked out answers.
Please don �t post dictionary definitions as that tends to end the game.
Answer will be posted later today.
A virtual ice cream to all correct answers.

19 Aug 2010      

United States

stea could have someting to do with standing
topygic could have something to do with topographical (as in a map or relief map)
some type of a map that displays the geography in an up and down (standing) manner?
EDIT:  I looked it up--very funny Frank LOL

19 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

Well, I know that callipygic means having a nice derri�re, so can I take it from Douglas �s reaction that the term is not quite as complimentary?

19 Aug 2010     


Let me guess why there are no women involved in this thread (so far) ..... ;o)

19 Aug 2010     


Well I know what it means (of course we are women and we should know such things). What can I say? Thank God I don �t have such a problem Smile

19 Aug 2010     

Mariethe House

Well, I guess, i �d better get off my chair and do some aerobics if i don �t want this word to apply to me!! Unfortunately I think it �s too late!

So: steate: state   Pygic: bottom .

No icecream for me, pleaase!

19 Aug 2010     


Very common in women over 40 ...(sometimes earlier!) as happens with men �s stomachs ... after lack of exercise for many years and a liking for beer and junk food ...  ;-) 
edit : Very nice idea, Frank !

19 Aug 2010     


Hey junya, watch this and pay attention to 5.21 ;o)))

19 Aug 2010     


In ancient times steatopygy was related to fertility and abundance
Oh, by the way...they are not pictures of me when I was young! LOL

19 Aug 2010     


And the man dares to offer us ice cream as a prize!!  

Oh well, as they say... Over the lips and right to the hips!


19 Aug 2010     


There is this movie "The women." In one scene someone says about an angry model: "She has just finished anger management." The other person asks: "What does she have to be angry about?" Answer: "She is hungry."

19 Aug 2010     

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