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ESL forum > > just disgusting    

just disgusting


just disgusting
2 of my ws. have been reported ! Why ?
hope it īs not because of one member who wants to take a revenge!
please moderators let me know
they are my OWN CREATION !!!!!!!!!!! I have even published them on another site

20 Aug 2010      


I have just checked your worksheets, they are definitely an ESL resoureces, the moderators are voting both to stay.  Don īt let this affect  you just continue to do your best.  (I know its easier said than done)

20 Aug 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Ikebana

Sorry for what has just happened to you. You are thinking about revenge, but you are not sure, obviously; but may be, just may be, that the member that reported is a trustful and reliable person and, in that case, he/she will do the same as you-- will show up, here on the forum, and say:
I did it.

Let īs wait and see.

20 Aug 2010     


thanks a lot shsu-euphe
but another of my ws has been reported ! enough is enough ! I īll get straight  to Victor to sort it out

20 Aug 2010     


Your worksheets are supported by many moderators on the reporting page. We understand the situation and your worksheets are not going to be removed.
Have a nice day.

20 Aug 2010