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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Pre advance warning to all my colleagues    

Pre advance warning to all my colleagues


Pre advance warning to all my colleagues
I’ve just uploaded a worksheet it will be in tomorrow’s additions
this is just a bit of fun. Please don ´t take this tooooo seriously as you may lose
your sense of humour.
But for those that find it funny please feel free to download before it’s taken off by the ones who DON’T share the same humour as I do.

Who knows it may just stay on this website and surprise all of us that likes something different, ´ ´a joke ´ ´

Redbull gives you wings you know   Wink 

P.S not here for the points just need to download good worksheets for my kids
while sharing my humour.

20 Aug 2010      


Thanks for sharing it with us. It is a valuable ESL resource. I ´ll use it with my advanced classes. 

I still can ´t help myself laughing. 

20 Aug 2010     


I think you need some corrections to your worksheet:



And Oxy-whitening!

The rest of your worksheet looks fine!


20 Aug 2010     

Lina Ladybird

I bet someone will report it within the next 3 hours... Tongue

20 Aug 2010     


LOL Lindsey good to see you have one.
on this site keep them coming - or + doesn ´t matter.

20 Aug 2010