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Grammar help!


Grammar help!

Dear friends! Help me to do this task. In what case should I use the articles and what articles  must I use definite or indefinite?  THANK YOU GREATLY!:

1.     _____ time plays an important part in the daily life of business people

2.     A lot of books have  been written about ____Greek culture.

3.     _______ channels of Ukraine television offer a lot of programmes which both informative and entertaining.

4.     New films and performances are usually broadcast on ____ Channel One

5.     All the Ukrainian  newspapers wrote about____ success of the exhibition

6.     Ukraine has made much progress in the field of _____ heavy industry

7.     ____ industry of the western part of the country has grown as compared with previous years.

23 Aug 2010      

Greek Professor

Hi...Have sent u a PM

23 Aug 2010     

United States

1. Fine as is.

2. Fine as is.
3. The channels
4. Fine as is
5. the success
6. Fine as is.
7. The industry
Hope this helps. Ed

23 Aug 2010     


Hi Myemma,
As a native speaker i would agree with Ed.
However  number 3 I would change to:-

 Ukraine television channels offer a lot of programmes which ARE both informative and entertaining.

Hope this helps.

Jackie xx

31 Aug 2010