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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > plz help everybody ( about a free discussion class)(i m a student)    

plz help everybody ( about a free discussion class)(i m a student)


plz help everybody ( about a free discussion class)(i m a student)
Hi everybody.
dear teachers
 I and some of my friends have decided to hold a free discussion class after we got our certificate of proficiency in English. we ve read some 20 novels but they re of no use .so we ve decided to integrate novels or anything worthy of attention into our program but the thing is we re not sure what to do in the class. can anyone please come up with a good syllabus ( running the gamut of films, documentaries and etc) for our discussion class including some innovative and interesting ideas.
(my friend said that it s a better idea to fix a topic for every session and talk about it ,.but i think it won t give us much language)

23 Aug 2010      


If you want to integrate further, why not consider novels which have film adaptations - that could lead to discussions of films vs books.

Your friend s idea is actually sound - if you re motivated a topic can lead to a lot of language production. Again, why not choose a topic related to a film.

Here is a list of good book to film adaptations to get you started:


Some other excellent films which could give rise to discussions on different topics include (in no particular order):

Dark Knight
District 9
Bowling for Columbine
Crash (2004)
V for Vendetta
Schindler s List
Brokeback Mountain
The Manchurian Candidate
On the Waterfront
Sophie s Choice
American Beauty

Ultimately, any discussion class will be defined by the personalities of its students. you could choose a theme for the first class and then see how it goes!


24 Aug 2010     


I have a speaking group twice a week.  I use www.breakingnewsenglish.com sometimes.  Have them listen to a breaking news item, which I give them, and then in class we talk about it and do all the exercises that are given.  I then give homework from the homework page. 
My groups are two hours every meeting, and I can barely get them out of there after two hours.
I also put on the board idioms and we discuss those.
Interesting news articles about health/food/diets are always interesting.
Hugfrom Israel

24 Aug 2010