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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > ideas for advanced discussion classes    

ideas for advanced discussion classes


ideas for advanced discussion classes

23 Aug 2010      

United Kingdom

Well, you could start here.

23 Aug 2010     


You may find something useful here:


23 Aug 2010     

United States

This page has LOTS of ideas for topics:  http://iteslj.org/questions/

As a learner in an ongoing language conversation group, I liked choosing our own topics.  In one group, whenever one of us had an idea (or several ideas) for a topic, we would write them down on small pieces of paper and give them to the instructor.  At the close of each session, she would have one of the students draw one of the pieces of paper out of the bag in which she kept them and read the question.  Unless there was a problem with it (e.g. no one was interested in it, we �d discussed it before), that was the topic for the next class open discussion.  We had until the next class to write up a few paragraphs about it, look up vocabulary on the topic, etc.

Good luck!  Let us know what you did and how it worked.


24 Aug 2010     


Try Discussions A to Z by Adrian Wallwork and Compelling Conversations

24 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

 Taboos and Issues is another great book with some controversial discussions.

24 Aug 2010     

United States


24 Aug 2010