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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > oral lessons for beginners/ extra lesson at school    

oral lessons for beginners/ extra lesson at school


oral lessons for beginners/ extra lesson at school
hi everyone,
I think you may help me:
this coming school year I will be teaching two year 7 groups (11 year olds).They usually have 4 hours of English a week, however this year they will also have one extra lesson fortnightly.
I am supposed to do something different from the theme we �d be working on in the "regular" lessons and that extra lesson is supposed to be purely oral...
the kids are in groups of 24 and I may get them split in two...
any ideas that may get me started??
I �d like them to have fun but learn, I was thinking about games like the "fruit basket" and other warming ups we do when starting theatre with youngsters...
my problem really is to stretch such activities and have quite a few to fit in one hour.
thanks for any replies on the forum or through pms.
have a lovely day

24 Aug 2010      


Hi Virginie,
when you "play" games with your pupils time goes by very quickly, no need to do a lot of them in one �hour � ... you can play at :
-happy families
-guess who? (have you got ... ? Yes, I have / No, I haven �t - usually all the pupils like this game, even those who are very weak )
- LOTO BINGO (with sweets as a reward - les 6�mes adooooorent le loto bingo) with numbers and there is one I found on mes english with the TIME
- bombs away (you can work different things with it - grammar / vocabulary)
- I also �made � a game that is like truth or dare for the 6�mes ... you �ve got 2 kind of cards ... the first ones : action they have to do something like �go to the neighbour door and ask for the time � or �what colour is BLEU is English? � or �sing a song in English � and the second ones when they can �t do what they were asked to do they have a forfeit ... pantomime : you are swimming ... etc (if you are interested, let me know)

that �s all I can think of for the moment ...
by the way what is this "fruit basket" game ???

hope it helps

24 Aug 2010     


your game "truth or dare" sounds excellent! but i haven �t found it in your wss so i guess you haven �t made one... what a shame... i would have loved to download it...
have a nice evening!

24 Aug 2010     

Lina Ladybird

@Elodie and others who might be interested ;))
Here are some nice cards for that game "TRUTH OR DARE?" Irishsweet mentioned in this thread earlier today:
Good night, everyone! :)

24 Aug 2010