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It is useful


It is useful
Dear Colleguees
I have been sharing teaching impressions with Jason R. Levine who is a teacher/ trainer/fact explainer/High  stress Drainer and Knowledge entertainer. He has designed some collo (collocations) cards and have been working with them. He also have an irregular verbs rap that you can download it in youtube. Besides, He has a channel where you can register and see the way he works.
There is another approach to teach English and in summary it says that drop grammar and repeat and listen as much as possible. English is nowadays considered a "lingua Franca" and as all the Linguas franca is learnt with the only purpose of communicating, so students should forget about grammar and learn English as they learnt their mother tongues. Repetition is the mother of learning.
Here you have the links:
Hope it can be useful


26 Aug 2010      


"dropping"grammar is totally impossible! without grammar you cannot learn the rules that "control" any languages! repetition may be fine with young children, but when you want to produce your own sentences, you need to know what is a noun, a verb... how to construct a sentence, how to form an adjective... and so on!!!

of course we mustn �t spend the whole year teaching grammar, but we mustn �t forget it!!!

by the way, don �t you learn the grammar of your native tongue when you �re at school? because in France we do spend a lot of time learning grammar and we would not conceive learning French without knowing its rules...

just my humble opinion though...

good night!

26 Aug 2010     

Lina Ladybird

I second everything Elodie said...
It �s simply impossible to drop grammar completely when teaching kids and adults, because little children don �t learn their mother tongue in the same way older children and adults learn a foreign language.

26 Aug 2010     


I think it really depends on the purpose of learning English. If you have a group of students who would like to learn conversational English in a short period of time for say a trip or a visit, then learning language clusters with such pure communicative approach would work just fine. But if you teach sdudents at school and as a good teacher have their career opportunities in mind, then you will probably do the best you can to intermingle different approaches to facinate your students with the language you teach and help them master it. And IMHO the best thing a teacher can do is teach their students to learnSmile

26 Aug 2010     


Funny video Lomas Bello, Thanks.

26 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

leap lept lept????

27 Aug 2010