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I have 2 BIG QUESTIONS, and I hope all of you help me to make it clear.
1. do you know 3P (presentation - pratice - production) in teaching method? I am wondering why there are only 3 stages like that. Why don �t we have 4-5-6.....steps? Why we have to follow 3 stages above?
2. If we must follow 3 stages like this in teaching, so why children (for example under 5 years old) do not receive 3 stages of teaching but they still can have stage number 3 - that is production.
for example:
 Student A want to greet, so teacher show him that if he wants to greet someone, he can use "HELLO". -> stage 1
Student A practice a lot -> stage 2
After that, he can use it automatically without thinking when he meets other people.-> stage 3
 So why a child are not taught stage 1 and 2 but they still say "HELLO" automatically when he meets other people.
I hope that to receive your respond for my problems as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

27 Aug 2010      

sousou aicha

 concerning the 3P method, it is a way to simplify learning English as a second or foreign language. We use this method in Tunisi while teaching English as a foreign language. It consists of three stages interrelated. You can �t teach a stage before the other. The role of the presentation stage is to introduce the topic of the lesson. For instance, your lesson is about family relations, so you could ask the learners about the relationship between them and their parents or siblings. They would talk and at this atage you can elicit vocabulary related to the topic and introduce new items as well. The send stage, Pracrice, is an occasion for the learners to treat a text whether verbal or non verbal, which deals with same topic of course and they answer some comprehension questions. At this stage the teacher introduces the new grammar points and strucutres. In the last stage,production, the learners are given a written task in which they use their background knowledge and the newly acquired language to produce a paragraph, a brochure an article.... The background knowlege was refreched in the presentation and the new acquisitions come from the practice. They both make the production phase.     Of course the content of these stages depends on the level and age of the learners.   This is how we use the 3P in Tunisia. There may be some differences in other countries, though I don �t think so.
  Hope I wasn �t boring and hope you get the right answer you were looking for.

27 Aug 2010     


thank you very much for your respond!

28 Aug 2010