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ESL forum > > Very surprised.    

Very surprised.

Russian Federation

Very surprised.
Dear colleagues, my worksheets 363 Irregular verbs in the pictures of Herluf Bidstrup were stolen. Copies were found here: http://www.heroturko.org/3/363-Irregular-verbs-in-the-pictures-of-Herluf-Bidstrup/ ; http://www.alivetorrents.com/search/363+irregular+verbs+in+the+pictures+of+herluf+bidstrup. I do not have to do with these copies.
You can find the original series 363 Irregular verbs in the pictures of Herluf Bidstrup only in ESLprintables.com.

27 Aug 2010      


I ve just checked the site and ....couldn t download anything. BUT I am sure you made all those great wss as we all can see you work hard and create original handouts. 
During the time several wss from here have been uploaded on different sites under different names. So....nothing surprises me! 
Keep up the great work! 

27 Aug 2010     

Czech Republic


I was the one who reported your ws because someone wrote he/she saw it in some books. So I was googling and found the links - that was the reason why I reported it. Then other members wrote there are some mistakes in the ws which wouldn t be in the book, so I assumed it s your own work. But by that time it was reported already. I am really sorry, if I caused you any harm, but as I know, the ws wasn t removed and was among the new contributions the other day, so you should get all your points. Sorry one more time.
Regards, Michaela

27 Aug 2010     

Russian Federation

It s OK now)))

27 Aug 2010