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Word of the Day

United Kingdom

Word of the Day
Good Morning All!
Todays word is; Jentacular
No dictionary definitions please, but all serious or not so serious guesses welcome.
A poem of your own choosing forthe funniest answer.

30 Aug 2010      

Greek Professor

Good Morning from hot Greece...
Hope everyone is fine...
Umm.....Frank...this word sounds a bit rude to me...ha ha ha Wink....!!!!!

30 Aug 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Good morning all
I can say good morning today, I started waking up  a little earlier to get used for next days of back to school.

Well, my best try:
Jen - obviously must refer to Jennifer ( Lopez ??? )
tentacular - that �s what we use for octopuses � legs.
So, Frank, may be you are dreaming about a wonderful girl with marvelous legs. ( more than usual )

Hope you don �t mind me joking,

30 Aug 2010     


Morning all!

I once thought - a long time ago ;o) - I shouldn �t have taken Latin ...Wink...Poor Latin teacher!!! Jentaculum = Breakfast. Sooooo, maybe has to do with breakfast ????

Or am I wrong - again ?!
Have a nice day,

30 Aug 2010     


 Sounds like a spectacular gentleman!

30 Aug 2010     


Apodo it sounds like jam to me and the temptation you have when a jar of it is in the fridge! Maybe the word is related to breakfast or tea (oh, my! Again eating, eating, eating...I �m really influenced by food Embarrassed

30 Aug 2010     

Lina Ladybird

"Jenta" sounds like "gentle" and "cular" sounds like "collar" to me, so it must be a gentle collar, that is made of a very soft material and doesn �t scratch your neck!!

30 Aug 2010     


Jent may allude to Gents with a spelling mistake and cular to spectacular : so it must be spectacular gents, lol!!!!

30 Aug 2010     

United States

"jocular" is merry or funny.
jentacular sounds like it could have something to do with off-color or "not funny" humor.

30 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

It is a coinage of the great American prude and snob, The Rev. Dr. Hiram J. Oddburger (1805 - 1899), who came up with a word to distinguish a gentleman �s "particulars" from that of a common tradesman.
[see also �genticles �]

30 Aug 2010     


I rembmeber that word Jentaculum= breakfast but from an issue of Asterix! Maybe it �s a spectacular breakfast...

other than that it remind me a bit of  rectangular. So maybe it a shape Jentac-ular  maybe a shape like a jentai knight?

30 Aug 2010     

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