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Word of the Day

United Kingdom

Word of the Day
Hello one and all!
Today �s word is: Xylopolist
All guesses welcome.
Whilst I appreciate that native speakers have an advantage over others in the size of their vocabulary, it isn �t my intention to make anyone frustrated or feel inadequate because they don �t know what a word means. I therefore encourage especially non-natives to have a guess. It �s just a game. If there is anyone alive who knows the English language in its entirety I would love to meet them, and then I would eat my hat.
Have fun folks.
Answer later

1 Sep 2010      


Well, xylo reminds me of xylophone and polis is like police or maybe politician so maybe it �s
a politician dressed as a policeman playing a xylophone...or maybe NOT!
This is fun...forget the real definition!

1 Sep 2010     


Well, I �m Greek and this reminds me of a Greek word, so here is what I think!
"Xylo" in Greek means "wood" and "polist" reminds me of a Greek word (politis) that means
"seller". So, it could mean someone who sells wood.

Maybe it �s silly, but hey.... have you seen the film "My big fat Greek wedding"?
Well, it seems that all English words have Greek origins according to it!!!!!  :)))))

Please, don �t get me wrong!!! It is meant to be a joke!

Have a nice day!!!

1 Sep 2010     


For me it seems like a word to describe someone who participates in a game using a wooden bat!
Just a flash, hope I �m lucky! 

1 Sep 2010     


He �s a preschool monopolist - the only one in a group of kids who wants to and can play the xylophone and doesn �t let anyone else touch the xylophone!

1 Sep 2010     


.....so xzylo is Greek for wood -
then I think this must be someone who an expert in the field of wooden pole science.

1 Sep 2010     


I agree with my colleagues about XYLO, maybe it comes from xylophone which we know is a musical instrument so if guitarrist is the one who plays tha guitar, therefore xylopolist might be the one who plays the xylophone.Tongue

1 Sep 2010     


poli= comes from the word poli-grip -meaning a substance to glue dentures
xylopolist= someone who makes wooden dentures.

1 Sep 2010     


I agree with you Giovanni: one who makes woden dentures and...plays them as a xylophone!!! LOL

1 Sep 2010     

teacher jessie

For me it certainly has to be related to Greece, though there are some "K"missing. LOLOLWink

1 Sep 2010     


@joy2bill - you made me laugh the most!
I thought it was someone who played the xylophone...but think i �ll cancel that definition and make it more specific to your defintion now!Big smile

1 Sep 2010     

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