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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > how tall are you? I m...    

how tall are you? I m...


how tall are you? I m...
a really silly question I guess but let me ask you anyway...

when someone asks "how tall are you?"
do you say: "i m 5 feet 3" - "I m 5 feet 3 tall" - "I m 6 feet" - "I m 6 feet tall" ???
I would say/write the sentences in bold characters, but are the 4 sentences correct? and i ve never heard people say "i m 5 feet 3 inches" so I guess you don t say that, am I correct?

and what about when you use the metric system? do you say:
"i m 1.60 meter tall" - "I m 1 meter 60 tall" - "i m 1 meter 60"...

thanks a lot!!! I know it s silly but i thought i would ask anyway!!!

have a nice saturday!

4 Sep 2010      


Good question, Id like to know too, please, help us!!!!

4 Sep 2010     


"I am five foot six (tall)."

"I am 168 cm (=1.68 m) (tall)."

Gee, I am a giant roo.

4 Sep 2010     


Here in Ukraine, where we use metric system, we usually use cm when we talk about height, unless you mention a basketball player who is 2 meters tall. I assume it s the same all over the metric system world because whenever I buy clothes (made outside Ukraine) for my kids the tags always have the height in cm not in meters.
P. S. Hi, ReginaSmile

4 Sep 2010     

United Kingdom

Hi Elojolie and Flora,
Although I have never used the metric system to describe myself, I have always responded to the question of height by saying "I m six feet tall". The funny thing is that on my passport (Portugal) and mynational ID card my height is noted in the metric system but it just sounds strange to me to say I am one metre, eighty six centimetres tall (makes me feel shortLOL) I guess it s to do with the fact that I used the imperial system far longer than the metric one.
Usually, when writing one would write ; I m 5 � 7" tall ( The being the sign for feet and the " the sign for inches.)

4 Sep 2010     


Hi back, Sophia ;o)

BTW, I remember Carrie Bradshaw calling Mr Big s fiance a "5 foot Tennifer" ;o)))) Somewhere in season 3 of SATC.

4 Sep 2010     

United States

Here are the forms I would use:
I m five foot ten.
I m five feet, ten inches tall. (If you use the word "tall", you must say the word "inches")
Frank is six feet tall (Never just "Frank is six feet")
I can t explain the "rules" for using "foot" as a plural word, but you can see from my first two examples that it is used in some situations and not others. It s always the singular form when it is used as an adjective:
We have a four-foot deep swimming pool.
I am a 57-year-old man.
This is a three-inch pencil.
The club has a two-drink minimum.
I hope I haven t confused things too much!

4 Sep 2010     


THANKS!!! i m shouting on purpose ;-)
things are a lot clearer now!
I knew about "a four-foot deep swimming pool" but I wasn t sure when to add "tall" and i had no idea you had to say "inches" if you said "tall"

4 Sep 2010     

United States

How tall are you? 
"Five two" 
"Five foot two" 
"Five feet two inches"
"(I m) five feet two inches tall"

Just for fun, check out the lyrics or a youtube video of the song "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue".

4 Sep 2010     


Not tall enough!!! My kids keep on looking down on me!Angry
Ps : planning high-heel shoes for next autumn!!!!!LOL

5 Sep 2010     


I m about five foot one and a half, which in metric is about one fifty four.

5 Sep 2010