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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Just say thanks / Colorful ws    

Just say thanks / Colorful ws


Just say thanks / Colorful ws
I know itīs an old topic,  but I really think that people should at least say "thanks" for the ws they download.  Someone worked hard preparing them.
Another old topic,  I prefer black and white simple work sheets because of the problem of copying them.  You will find that mine are like that but I have no problem downloading a colorful one if the content is good.  And if someone wants to fancy up one of my ws go for it. 

29 Nov 2008      


I agree in the "thanks" sense. It is not fair that everybody repeats the same thing when someone has made an effort to make a printable. But as far as the colour is concerned, I disagree....Students are really demotivated and when they see a B/W sheet they get upset. However, when I give them printables with colours or cliparts, they motivate themselves. You can adapt the content, if you donīt like it . Printables are made in WORD and this can be changed. We shouldnīt pretend having the printables without giving them our personal touch according to our students.  I almost always modify the printables a litle bit to adapt them to my students, keeping the colours. I really like all the printables, but mpotb or jecika are some of my favourite ones. THANK YOU for reading!!

29 Nov 2008