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dear colleagues,
i urgently need some help!
one of my students has got a written exam in order to pass last year �s English class.
here �s my problem: i want him to write about new york (we �ve discussed plenty of facts, places and buildings, etc.) but i don �t really know how i could formulate/express the writing task!?
there �s just 1 thing that comes into my mind: write an article for your school magazine.... but i don �t relly like this one... :-(
anybody out there having any other suggestions?!

12 Sep 2010      


What about: "you �ve spent 2 weeks in New York, write an email to your bestfriend to talk about your holidays" OR "you �re a travel agent and you �re in charge of promoting a holiday to New York, create a leaflet presenting this destination" OR "you �re working for a tourist information center in New York and you have to create a leaflet for people who want to visit New York".
have a nice day:)

12 Sep 2010     


Write a letter to a friend who lives in New York. You are going to stay with him for a week and he has asked you to inform him of all the places you �d like to visit while there, so he could get tickets and make all the necessary arrangements. Write to him about what you would like to see and experience and ask for any additional information or directions you might be interested in. (You can also ask about the weather, so you know what to pack.)

12 Sep 2010     


Or maybe
1- "You �re on holidays in New York. Keep a log writing about what you �re doing (you did or will do, depending on the structures the st handles or has to use) on different days"
2- You �ve come back from your trip to NY. Write about your experience there in a website (you surf the net a bit to find the name of one in which you could post something like that, generally the touristic resorts have some sort of place in their webs so that tourists can leave their messages).
Hope it is useful.

12 Sep 2010     


Perhaps he could write a tourist brochure or a trip itinerary (schedule) for people who want to see all that New York has to offer.

12 Sep 2010     


I would first spot the grammar points he has to cover and then pick one of all the previous great ideas our colleagues have suggested. For example, if it is imperative, I �d go for the travel agent, if it is past, I�d choose the e-mail to a friend telling about my past holiday in NY, or a combination of two ideas.

12 Sep 2010     


Writing Task
Your school is running a writing competition entitled "A place I will never forget". Write a descriptive compostion about 120-180 words about your unforgettable visit to New York.

12 Sep 2010     


Thank you so much for your suggestions!
I really loved them!

13 Sep 2010