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Skills practise


Skills practise
Do you know any website for students that need to practise the skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking??

14 Sep 2010      


What age and knowledge level are your students?

14 Sep 2010     

United States

Yes: ESLprintables.com.

15 Sep 2010     

Lina Ladybird

What a question... There are tonnes of websites dealing with skill practice; you just have to google them: for example, write "listening practice" or "speaking activities" into the Google search box.

15 Sep 2010     


I found a good one to practice listenig, and my students love it.
you īll find different levels, easy, medium, difficult,very difficult.
I hope you like it.


17 Sep 2010     


I know I might regret making this post, because I īll probably receive "tons" of criticism, but I īll take my chances.
You have seen that I don īt use the forum that often, I do once in a while request help, because there are so many wonderful teachers here who are so generous and helpful.
But  I feel that sometimes, maybe not intentionally, but some members make one feel stupid, or ignorant. I mean, sometimes we do post, maybe silly questions, or for others, more than obvious. But please remember there are sooooo many different cultures, levels of knowledge,  experience, etc, regarding the English language (which is what has brought us all together in the first place).
I īm not talking just about this thread, I īve seen this reaction in many others, but mostly I abstain myself from commenting, although I love reading the forum everyday.
Sometimes these comments prevent us from wanting to participate and post any other question, in fear of feeling criticized for our question or post.
Just an invitation to be nice, be polite. If you think it was a dumb, silly, or obvious question, well.... we don īt have to answer do we?
Alright, now I īll get ready for Ouch !!! One by one, please!!!! LOL

17 Sep 2010