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Educational Translation.


Educational Translation.

Hi dear colleagues.

I wonder if anyone of you could tell me about the techniques followed to teach pupils ( intermediate level) how to translate ( simple sentences and short paragraphs) from their mother tongue to a foreign language and vice versa. The concerned languages are: Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German.
Thank you in advance.

17 Sep 2010      



From Arabic to English Translation step by step:

e.g Alan goes to work by bus.

1) Find the subject and the verb

Alan= Subject

goes= Verb (action)

2) Divide the specific information phrase(descriptive phrase-preposesional phrase-adverbial phrase) into chunks

to work / by bus

3) Look up any unknown words in an English/Arabic dictionary

4) Think about what the whole sentence mean by connecting all words meaning together and the context in which it appeared

5) Translate the sentence using what ever additional Arabic structure along to support conveying the same meaning in order to AVOID word by word translation.

يذهب آلن إلى العمل بالحافلة

17 Sep 2010