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ESL forum > > So annoyed.... angry..... shocked    

So annoyed.... angry..... shocked


So annoyed.... angry..... shocked
I īm really angry ... people think they can just download a worksheet and then a few months later send back to the ESL site .... it īs really dishonest, I īve just reported it but months ago I did a worksheet on "HOW TO Pronounce the final -ED" and there it is today stolen by someone really..... after that how can you expect our pupils to be honest, not to cheat during tests..... Anyway thank you to all the honest  and hardworking teachers contributing to this wonderful site!!!! 

18 Sep 2010      

manonski (f)

You can report the printable and moderators will vote to get it removed.

18 Sep 2010     

Lina Ladybird

According to her post she has already done that, dear Manon! ;))
I īve voted for removal already.
Dear Soph57, don īt get too upset about it - the same has happened to me and to many other users before... Vandaīs wss are uploaded almost every day!! There īs no need to open a thread in the forum; next time, just report it so that the moderators can delete the copy! Wink

18 Sep 2010     


I īm jealous!!! I wish I were Alenka  or Vanda...
Just an - educational! -  thought .

18 Sep 2010     


Have you ever thought that some of the people who do this (stealing ws) might be students just to get on our nerves? Or is it just me who thinks so? :P

18 Sep 2010