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ESL forum > Teaching material > Where is it from?????    

Where is it from?????

New Zealand

Where is it from?????
I logged on about 10 minutes ago and saw in the preview a worksheet that I really wanted.... then it was gone so I am assuming it was deleted for being copied from somewhere.

There was a few worksheets (3 or 4+) on long sound of I, short sound of I etc... (phonics) and they had pictures.

Can a moderator PM me with the website/book/ESL member it was taken from as I am doing this sort of thing now with some of my kids and it was exactly what I was looking for.


21 Sep 2010      


Hi cheezels! You ´┐Żll be able to download them tomorrow because they have been reported by mistake (or sort of).
Have a nice day,

21 Sep 2010     

New Zealand

I am sorry to hear that these were reported, I wonder what the reason was if it as not copying (which as I now know who the author is I know her work to be super original)....

When you are working with young learners, this type of activity is essential to help beginner readers and writers. When I taught in London we had 10-15 minutes of phonic activities and games at the beginning of EVERY English lesson. This was the same for EVERY year level from Reception through to Year 6.

I am glad that they are going to be available on the site tomorrow.

21 Sep 2010     

Puerto Rico

cheezels i think it is my work you are refering too. send me a pm if it is and ill send them too you by email.  my ws were for all short sounds and they were reported because a member thinks is not an esl  resource.  

21 Sep 2010