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ESL forum > Teaching material > "Grammar Stories Project"    

"Grammar Stories Project"

Czech Republic

"Grammar Stories Project"
I think it is a good idea to teach grammar in context - grammar through stories.
As Silke mentioned, there is a great series Macmillan Grammar in Context (Elementary to Advanced level).
These books contain many articles and mini-stories full of examples of ONE grammar topic.
We usually can find stories on tenses, comparatives, passives and conjunctions.
But how about writing a (funny) short story full of conditionals, or
reported speech,
phrasal verbs, or
irregular plurals,
relative clauses, or
quantities, or
get st done,
adjectives + infinitive / gerund

I have written a story full of regular verbs only.
Believe me, it �s a challenging job to write regular verbs ONLY. :-D

Anyone wants to participate in "Grammar Stories Project" = "Grammar in Context" ?

It �s such a fun to read a story... Single sentences are not so interesting....
What do you think???

21 Sep 2010      

Czech Republic

Grammar Story No1 - Verb + Infinitive

One sunny morning I walk in the park. It is 8 o �clock. I want to play with my dog Roger, but he refuses to play with his ball. I stop to sit on a bench and wait. I plan to read a book for a while, but I feel a bit lonely.
I try to recall Maria �s number, because I forgot to phone her yesterday. I hope she is in. The phone is ringing. Thanks God, it �s her!
I invite her to go out for a picnic. She agrees to wait for me at the bus stop. I hurry to get to the bus stop as soon as possible.
Oh no! Where is Roger? I forgot to call him back. He must be somewhere in the park.
We decide to run back to get Roger. Where is he? He is sleeping under that tall tree.
Maria begins to sing a sad song. Well, Roger doesn �t like sad songs, so next time I leave him to sleep at home.

21 Sep 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

hi Moravc

So long

This is something quite interesting; I have done some  ( very old ) printables following this subject. I don �t have them anymore, cause I used to draw some stick figures for the kids to retell the stories, I also had some stories / texts only with regular verbs , or only with to be... wow, so long, you reminded me of some very funny / interesting things I have done.In fact, if I am not wrong , I think I have a printable here, of a retold story, only with past regular verbs; BUT, i don �t think it may be a good idea to refer it ( LOL ), NEVERMIND ) - I used some pictures which pronbably are not allowed anymore, ... not sure... leave it for those who like to do Fall cleaning )

I �ll try to draw ( ?) and scan again a least one of those funny stories, but I can �t promise, I am overloaded with work and projects ( haven �t even started with Denisa �s project ) .
I �ll leave a postit here, on my desktop, will do my best, but, no sure; it will take a long time to do and  post what I am thinking; it won �t be editable, though, as always, I can provide the word .doc....
Seems difficult, now, but, for you , I �ll try and join in


( if you find a few / many typos, please, forgive, I can �t see well, except with day light )

22 Sep 2010