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Please Help

Gia Mel

Please Help
Is it OK to say "eat luch" or "eat brekfast"?

I īve always been told that it was "have lunch or have breakfast"

Please Help...

Thank you...

24 Sep 2010      


I would use both eat and have with breakfast/lunch etc. so I think either is okay.

24 Sep 2010     


Yes. You can say eat or have.
I eat breakfast at 7 o īclock.
He eats a good breakfast before he goes to work. (good = healthy, substantial)

24 Sep 2010     


Both are right

24 Sep 2010     


Americans and Canadians usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner while Brits, Ozzies and others have it... 

BTW, the same goes more or less for shower or bath, you take it or have it. 

Both forms are correct of course and should be accepted regardless of where you are or teach.

24 Sep 2010     

David Lisgo

I prefer to teach "have" with meals as it is usual to both eat and drink during a mealtime, but in my own speech I naturally use either.

24 Sep 2010     


To add another little thing to the mix here - "lunch" is also a verb.

Itīs not used as much as "eat" or "have" but you could "Lunch somewhere" which would be the same as "Eat Lunch somewhere" or "Have lunch somewhere."


24 Sep 2010     

Gia Mel

Thank you guys!!! You īve been great!

25 Sep 2010