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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Degrees of comparison of adjectives    

Degrees of comparison of adjectives

Alyona C.

Degrees of comparison of adjectives
Hi. friends.
Which sentence is correct:
1) Bob �s family is richer than Ron �s or Bob �s family is richer than Ron �s is.
2) Helen has got longer hair than Linda or Helen has got longer hair than Linda has.
Thanks in advance.

25 Sep 2010      


Hello Alyona,

Personally, I think the first sentences are the correct ones... because you place the object after than (Ron�s/Linda) and that�s the end of the comparison... you don�t have to add the verb at the end of the sentence.



25 Sep 2010     

Bruna Dutra

I believe that if you think about the continuation of the sentence, you �ll see that it makes no sense:

Ex.: Bob �s family is richer than Ron �s (family) is rich (?!?)
You wouldn �t be able to say it like that.

You use the auxiliary verbs when refering to verbs, not the adjectives, I �d say.
Ex.: Bob �s family has more money than Ron �s does. (than Ron �s family has)
And the aulixiliary is often omitted too.

I believe that �s the answer, but I can be wrong. I was just trying to make something out of your doubt and that �s what came to my mind.

Hope to have helped a little.



25 Sep 2010     


I agree with Poala, there no need to add"is" or "has", we already understand this  by using  comparison

25 Sep 2010