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ESL forum > Teaching material > Help me please, I īm lost! Book for 10 year-olds!    

Help me please, I īm lost! Book for 10 year-olds!

Diana Parracho

Help me please, I īm lost! Book for 10 year-olds!
Hi everyone, I īll be teaching this year a small group of 9 and 10-year-olds, who have had English with me before.

But this year I would like to prepare them for the English they īll be starting to have at school next year, so those of you who have experience, which book do you recommend?

- Heroes
- Friends Starter / 1
- English Adventure
- English Together
- Get Set Go
- Set Sail
- Way Ahead
- Chatterbox
-Chit Chat
- Story Magic 2
- any other suggestion...

Please helpe me, I will be really grateful!

25 Sep 2010      


I like English Adventure, because it has many levels from elementary to intermediate and it īs good for teenagers, but my favourite for 9-10 year olds is Chatterbox (especially part 4). It īs all in Past Simple, and the characters travel the world using a time machine...

25 Sep 2010     


Two years ago I used English Adventure 1 and 2 and kids and I loved. It īs a good book and kids got motivated.
I used the stories to introduce the topics. Kids listened 3 times then tey tried to read it.
Your students will be prepared with these books.

25 Sep 2010     


English Adventure or Welcome Plus 1-2-3-4-5-6.I taught all these books and I advise....

25 Sep 2010     

miss fer

I īve used the English Adventure Series and my students loved them and profit a lot for them. I also really enjoyed working with the Happy series (OXFORD, Happy House, Happy Street, Happy Earth) but they īre quite old now.
Macmillan has two new series which in my opinion are really good, you may want to have a look at the list of contents in their webpage www.macmillaneducation.com.
The books are MAGIC MASTERS and FIND OUT.

26 Sep 2010