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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > "the" or "no the" that is the question...    

"the" or "no the" that is the question...


"the" or "no the" that is the question...

I have been asked to put this here: a link to a site where they actually use "Buckinham Palace" with a definite article.


So, the Tower Bridge?

So, who knows if this is wrong or why it �s right?


26 Sep 2010      

United Kingdom

I think it is a mistake. I think the writer wanted to exclude the word "Buckingham" and forgot to do it. If the text had said, "around the Palace", it would have been perfectly good English.
Either that or the definite article should be excluded and the text should say, "around Buckingham Palace."

26 Sep 2010     


Ever heard of typos on The Internet, or even common grammar or spelling mistakes? Well, this must be one of them.

People upload gazillions of documents and as there is no International Grammar Police (yet), there are bound to be a quintillion mistakes in the cloud...

Just because you spot one of these mistakes, there is no need to start questioning every grammar rule that exists. Only frequent usage (or mistakes) by lots of people changes grammar rules.

26 Sep 2010     

United Kingdom

Hi Regina,
It �s a mistake. When they first started doing guided tours of the palace they had to re-print
thousands of leaflets because they had just that very same mistake.

26 Sep 2010     


Well to me, it doesn�t actually sound out of place although personally I wouldn �t write or teach it like that.  Theoretically, there should be a zero article but IMHO both zero and the are ok in this instance. Just my opinion.
Philip, YNFTSM.  Just because you don �t like/understand/appreciate what someone writes/posts, there �s no need to add unhelpful comments to your reply.  Just my opinion.

26 Sep 2010     


Frank that is a very interesting fact, but how on earth do you know something like that...? Please do tell.

26 Sep 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Julia

Didn �t you know? Frank was the one in charge of those  Censored   thousands of leaflets. That �s why the queen told him, she didn �t want to see him anymore.

Now, at tea time, the queen has tea alone.

Wasn �t it so, Frank?


26 Sep 2010