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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Teach the Future Tense ( Making Predictions) with Fun!! Kid 3000!    

Teach the Future Tense ( Making Predictions) with Fun!! Kid 3000!


Teach the Future Tense ( Making Predictions) with Fun!! Kid 3000!
Hello dear teachers,
As some of you don �t visit the cafe, I thought of bringing bits of sth. I shared there to the forum board which could be highly useful in your classes . This could be also an invitation to drop by. ;0))
The following are only some pictures of many others in the cafe that can be used to introduce the Future Tense ( Making Predictions). In fact, these pictures can trigger more ideas elicited from your sts.
If you �d like to see more, visit the cafe . Waiting for you!!!! ;0)))
Best wishes,
Butterfly Nebal
P.S. In the cafe you can also benefit from Annaisabel´s funny animals´ post to teach the Imperatives ( Negative an dpOsitive). have a look!!!

27 Sep 2010      


Thanks, dear, I �ve saved them all and plan to use them in a ppt in my lessons! It �s a shame to put it on a ws, with such animated details... fun stuff!

27 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Great, thanks for sharing it with us! Thumbs Up

27 Sep 2010     

class centre

how can I save the pictures animated? I can only save them in doc   Cry

27 Sep 2010     


HI Class Centre,
If you �d like to save them animated, you need to right-click each pic. and then save as picture in ur PC. Try it!!!

27 Sep 2010     


Dear Nebal, thanks for this ad!Smile It will draw more people into the cafe, I hope...

Class centre, you can always right-click on the picture and save as...
But on a worksheet it won �t be animated, true!

27 Sep 2010     


Well, where �s the link to the cafe on the main page anyway?

27 Sep 2010     


Dear Sophia,
You can find the cafe link at the top of the page, above the Calendar Bar. ;0))

27 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for sharing. I like them all. ( also those that I found in the cafe). Could you give me a link to the webpage where you downloaded them from? Thanks a lot. ( I need the link for my Power Point - we can only use Power Point with links in my school).

27 Sep 2010     


Hi Nebal!! Actually I`m not part of the cafe bacuase I didn`t know about it!!! BTW your pictures are great!!!!!!!!!! 

27 Sep 2010     


Amazing pictures and wonderful cafe posts, thanks so much for making us aware of it Butterfly Nebal.Hug

27 Sep 2010     

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