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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Do people have a life?    

Do people have a life?

Sophie A

Do people have a life?
Hello everyone,
I just want to say that it has been the second time that some "no-life" has reported that something was wrong with my worksheets although I did everything myself and my classes enjoyed them. Aren īt we supposed to help each other and share ideas? If someone doesn īt like what we do they have plenty more choice in this amazing website......
Does this happen to you a lot? Cause I have started to get seriously annoyed!!!!!

29 Sep 2010      

Lina Ladybird

Dear Soph,
I do understand your frustration and anger, however, your wss have been reported, because each one of them contains one watermarked image (the man with the grey pair of trousers).
As I said earlier today in the moderatorsī page, I donīt enjoy having to vote for the removal of your wss, however, we simply have to vote according to the rules which say that NO watermarked clipart is allowed - and "NO" means none at all...
The thing is that we have to be consistent when it comes to deleting wss with watermarked images. We cannot let yours stay and remove others!
Furthermore, you can always upload your work again without using watermarked images.
BTW, if you consider uploading your wss again, PLEASE, make sure that you upload the answer key together with the worksheet in one document!! Otherwise, the answer key might be reported again.
Good luck - Silke
PS: yes, Iīm sure that the majority of people at ESLP does have a life! Despite this fact, some of them (especially moderators) spend a lot of time trying to keep this site free from copies and non-ESL resources, because they CARE!! ;))

29 Sep 2010     

Sophie A

Thanks a lot for your answer, I was just really angry but when you put it that way I do understand. I will upload my work again with allowed pictures. Although the last time I was reported I checked but no images were watermarked clipart....never mind, I am sorry if I lost it a bit.
Thanks anyway for all the work you do, I do know you have a life, I was just in a bad mood.... I think this website is amazing.
PS: I uploaded 2 documents because I don īt know how to copy an entire "word page", I did save my work on 2 different pages so it was just easier that way; but I will try next time to send only one contribution.
Have a nice evening,

29 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic


29 Sep 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

@ Michaela,

see you, no life....

That īs whay people work fpr--- NO life.


Thanks Lady, Thanks Micha

Sleep well, or, are you , ALSO;, no sleep

Sleepy   Wink


29 Sep 2010     

manonski (f)

A no-life? What a great way to make new friends and ensure that people will help you figure out what might be wrong with your printable so you don īt repeat the mistake.

29 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Dear Linda,
lately I am just getting pCensored off by all those people complaining on the forum. Unhappy
And although I haven īt reported the above ws (I never report wss for watermarks īcoz I don īt search for them), "no life" really got me.

@ Sophie, for your information: I am a moderator, a teacher, a single mum, a daughter, a sister, a friend,a moderator, a teacher .... so believe it or not, I DO have a life as 99% of the people here.  And now I am going to bed, will read couple of pages of a great book by Steve Berry and then I īll get my 6 hours sleep.

Hope you will sleep well too (as me).Wink

Good night, everybody. Michaela

29 Sep 2010     

United Kingdom

@ Michaela

You get a whole six hours sleep????
You are lucky indeedSleepy

29 Sep 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Shopie,

As you can see that way was not the best one.
People here,and some of the moderators , in fact, don īt have a life - THEY HAVE MANY LIVES.

Moderators are people who offer some of their free ( eventually, not so free ) time to help keeping this site a clean place. Because, if you arrive here and get a place full of copied / stolen things, you will leave sooner or later.
People here, arrive and stay - because this is a fair, friendly, healthy place, where people can work, give opinions, ask for help.
Believe, what Michaela said is true - I, myself,  am a mother ( of three ) , a grandmother, a wife, a only daughter of a very old mother, a teacher, a moderator and, last, but not least, a cook, a housewife, the one who goes to the supermarket, who irons .... believe, I surely have a LIFE.

My life, here, is a kind of relaxing time, I like coming here and reading some of the posts, whenever I get some time. I like to receive pms from my friends here, but I don īt live for the site, neither do any of us. People here live for themselves and their families, and their children and their professional duties and their friends and, and , and still get time to show up here and give a hand to this beautiful community.
Everyone here feels hurt when someone comes with this kind of post, because most of the people here do have many lives, do work a lot.

Welcome to this place Shopie

Hope you enjoy your time here.

29 Sep 2010     


Clap Linda! No need to add anything else ...

30 Sep 2010     


Nitpicker is the word you īre looking for. And looking for the slightest error in worksheets IS their life! Evil Smile

30 Sep 2010     

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