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ESL forum > Teaching material > Need movie suggestions    

Need movie suggestions


Need movie suggestions
Hey there to everyone!

I �m looking for a movie in which my students have a moral topic to analize but I can �t come up with anything of their interest.
Can you give me some examples?
I �d be very pleased if you could help me.

PS: my students are all teenagers 

1 Oct 2010      


PATCH ADAMS with Robin Williams! Thumbs Up

1 Oct 2010     

teacher jessie

Freedom writers, sorry I don �t know the actors or director

1 Oct 2010     


absolutely yes freedom writers!!! it works

1 Oct 2010     


"glory road" (racial tension in basketball)
"Bend it like Beckham" (girl wants to play football against traditional indian family �s wishes)
or if you are ready for something really heavy "child �s play" (about bullying, about the -feeling of- responsibility when things turn bad)
"the Ron Clark story" (similar to freedom writers but different, maybe more realistic)
"dangerous minds"

1 Oct 2010     


"freedom writers" is great!
you also have "harvey milk" (homosexuality in the US)
"the day after tomorrow" (global warming)
"avatar" (colonisation)
"the siege" (terrorism, state of fear...)
"ennemy of the State" (big brother, invasion of privacy...)
it really depends on the theme you want to work on...
have a nice day!

1 Oct 2010     


freedom writers, of course!! It �s great. I love it!

1 Oct 2010