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Univeristy lesson plans


Univeristy lesson plans
Hello from China:
I teach oral English to 1st and 2nd year University students and I am looking for some great lesson plans or worksheets to use in my classes.  I know there are many great ideas on here, but searching for them can be a little difficult at times.  Can those of you who have material that is geared for young adults (University) and focuses on speaking, please let me know, as I would love to download your material.  Thanks a lot everyone...

1 Dec 2008      


I have some nice games for intermediate http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=139553#thetop have a look at them.I hope it will be useful to you.

1 Dec 2008     


Sorry about the spelling of University on my heading, lol...

1 Dec 2008     

Helen McK

Hello Fletch Smile
My printables may be suitable for your classes.  I work exclusively with adults.You�ll find a series of worksheets within my account which I created to encourage my students to speak English in a realistic way.  They include the following:
 - Chatting to a friend on the street
 - Landlord / tenant communication
 - Dealing with difficult situations through English
 - Waiter / customer communication in a restaurant
 - At the hair salon
 - Talking to my children
 - Hotel receptionist / customer communication in a hotel
 - Mechanic / customer communication
 - English teacher / student communication
 - All about cars and driving
 - Responding to questions with questions
 - Job interview
 - On the phone
 - Money and banking etc.

2 Dec 2008     


Hi Fletsch
here is an email ive copied and pasted- i sent to a friend a few weeks back, as we are both doing conversation clubs with university students. (bear in mind, where it says venezuela- you need to replace it with chinese, and britain/ canada.. haha) i hope some ideas are suitable- send any ideas my way if you have a lesson plan that works!

Top ten great britains worked really well. everyone
got really involved. you have to create a top ten venezuelans- i have a printable lesson plan on this site if you look under my printables.

This week im trying an activity about horoscopes, fortune telling and
superstition. Get the students to write down a bit about what happened
to them last week. Try and jog their memory- you can write up a few
categories like romance, studies, money etc for them to rate how lucky
they were. Ask them if it was a good/bad week overall. Then... you
have already the week before printed out their horoscopes for last
week (I used guardian and telegraph, theyre short, concise and not too
ambiguous.) You can then give them out their prediction and they can
compare it to last week- was it accurate? Freakishly so? Theres also
the zodiac personality traits that they can compare themselves
against. You can then go on to discuss venezuelan/brit attitudes
towards luck, superstition and astrology- ive attached some
interesting articles which might prompt discussion.

I did one on conspiricy theories- ufos, masons, the moon landing. It
worked ok, but maybe needed a bit more to it- some people were
clueless, but i had one boy who was very enthusiastic who saved the

Internet communities- I am an enthusiast of websites such as
www.couchsurfing.com, www.freewheelers.co.uk/, www.freecycle.org/ . All
are tools for getting something for free, liftsharing etc You can
discuss what they think of the websites, would they ever do it here,
what are the risks, have they ever had an experience of doing favours
for strangers, living with a family on an exchange programme etc.

this is a good website for ideas:


3 Dec 2008