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ESL forum > Teaching material > Grammar: False Beginner but Reading: Intermediate! What book???    

Grammar: False Beginner but Reading: Intermediate! What book???


Grammar: False Beginner but Reading: Intermediate! What book???
Hi there, as the title says, I have a student that has very uneven skills.
He had English at school (he �s twenty something now), and he works at a lab doing research, so he �s constantly reading scientific papers in English. He got accepted into a masters program that is 100% in English and that;s why he needs classes.
I made him take a placement test, and got the maximum score for beginners on grammar and vocab, and intermediate score for reading.
I assumed then that he was a pre-intermediate, but when I started reviewing basic simple present grammar he didn �t know/remember anything!
What book should I use??? and what level, beginner or pre-int??

4 Oct 2010      

South Africa

Dear Caritush
Along with a book, I would suggest that you use question and answer cards.  I use these especially with my older learners.  They can keep them in their pocket and test themselves at anytime when they have nothing to do such as sitting on the bus or in a queue.  They help to keep grammatical facts in the memory.  He probably has learnt the concepts but doesn �t remember the terms, so these treasure chest questions would work for him. I encourage learners to read them a couple of times a day.  It only takes about five minutes but works well for keeping terms fresh in their minds.   I will post them today if you wish to use them under treasure chest of grammatical questions.
He is also probably also needing a lot more conversation.
Hope all goes well.
Jenny (Nombasa)

4 Oct 2010     


Since he �s been accepted into a Master �s program, he �s probably an experienced learner.  I would use a pre-int syllabus for grammar but continue giving him reading assignments at whatever level he is comfortable with.

Good luck Smile

4 Oct 2010     

South Africa

Hi Caritush
I have uploaded the cards now.  They are called Treasure Chest of Grammatical Terms.  You can add to the stock of cards if you deal with terms that are not on the list.
Start with a few that he should know - possibly ten and then build on them adding more each week and revising each one every day/week.
Have fun.

4 Oct 2010     


Thanks a lot! I will look those cards up right away....
so you think pre-intermediate book will work fine right?
I �m thinking english file, but have been hearing a lot about total english lately... any thoughts?

5 Oct 2010