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ESL forum > Teaching material > Tips to teach bilingual student of 15     

Tips to teach bilingual student of 15


Tips to teach bilingual student of 15
Hi everyone,
I need your advice to teach a bilingual girl of 15 years old. Actually, she is in a class of 35 students, most of whom are struggling with the English language, and I would like to provide her with extra work to prevent her from wasting her time. I �ve thought of asking her to read books and sum them up but I �m not sure which ones would suit a bilingual 15 years old. Have you got any ideas? Otherwise, which activities or websites would you recommend me, considering I already teach about 200 students in 8 different classes and I don �t have much time left to prepare extra activities for that student?
Thanks for your help

6 Oct 2010      


my experience with some bilingual students i had was that although they knew of course English, which means they spoke fluently and could read and understand almost anything,  they made a lot of grammar mistakes, particularly in written speech. 
An idea would be to give her advanced grammar tasks and occasionaly past papers for an advanced certificate (Proficiency probably) 
Another one to give her reading material as you said. Could be short stories or interesting articles.
Occasionally you can ask her mark homework from your other classes

6 Oct 2010     


Thanks a lot for your reply!

6 Oct 2010