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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > ( was ) released    

( was ) released


( was ) released
Hi! would you say: " this film was released in 2006" or "the film released in 2006?

7 Oct 2010      


was released!
or you can say: They released the movie in 2006.
have a nice day!

7 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

Elodie �s absolutely right, you would need the passive form. Or "the film came out" for a nice conversational expression. Depends on your context really. However, you probably want to keep the subject as "the film" (rather than "they")


7 Oct 2010     


Both are correct but  "this film was released in 2006" is using the passive voice and "the film released in 2006" is using the simple past. It depends on how you want touse the sentence!

7 Oct 2010     

hafedh chairet

it depends on whether or not you have a full stop at the end of the sentence.
"The film was released in 2006. " is a complete sentence.
"The film releasd in 2006" is just a clause which may be the subject of a whole sentence like in:
The film releasd in 2006 was fabulous.

7 Oct 2010     


Both are correct. It all depends on how you plan to use the phrases.

a) This film was released in 2006 (and it was a flop).

b) The film released in 2006 was a flop.

The second sentence is incomplete; it is a noun phrase (I think). Whereas the first example is a complete sentence and doesn �t need something else to complete it like the second example does.



7 Oct 2010     


thanks a lot ;)

10 Oct 2010