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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Which variant is correct?    

Which variant is correct?


Which variant is correct?

I just want to clarify the use of articles in this particular situation. Which of these two phrases is correct:

Who wants to be next? or Who wants to be the next?

Thanks for your help.�Smile


8 Oct 2010      


who wants to be the next?

8 Oct 2010     


Sorry but I �m going to disagree. I would use, "Who wants to be next?"
If I were going to use �the � I would say "Who wants to be the next one?"
At least that �s what we say downunder!
Cheers Joy

8 Oct 2010     


I agree with joy!

8 Oct 2010     

United States

I think both can be used--one focuses on an individual case ("the next") and the other is more general.  I also would say "the next one " though.  
Warning: this is just a native speaker�s feeling, it does not necessarily agree with "the rules".

8 Oct 2010     

United States

I generally say, "who wants to be the next one" if there is hesitation among the people to be next.  For example, if people were getting a flu shot, there would be people who would not be willing to get a shot.   I would say, "who wants to be next" if I knew there would be no hesitation among the people.     I hope that makes sense.  At one time, I was an Aerospace auditor and at times I was a threat to people so I used, "who want to be the next one" in a joking manner.  I used the other when I was in a hurry as I did not care who the next person would be.

8 Oct 2010     


I agree with Douglas, whose attitude I like ;o)))

8 Oct 2010     

United States

90% of the time - I say Who wants to be next?
but once in a while I say - who wants to be the next one or the next in line.

Just my native-speaker opinion.

8 Oct 2010     


Both options are correct. I, myself, also use the first option more than the second. 

8 Oct 2010     


Everyone, Thank you very much!

8 Oct 2010