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Word of the Day


Word of the Day

Hello Everybody!!!!

A wonderful surprise dear Yams

You chose me as the winner!!!!!!!!

So lets see if I can handle this game...

The word today is:

People remember, this is a game, only the funniest and artful definition will be the winner!!!! not the correct one....

To play and have fun the definitions are...

Huge Hug


9 Oct 2010      


Mmmmm a Maastrichtian is exactly mmmm how can I explain it to you.... 

It �s a person who is exclusively dedicated to train the maasters, which are those people who are studying a Master �s program but still can�t graduate because their theses are really bad.

The verb is to maastre. The adjective is maastreable.  The adverb is maastreably.

Example: Mauricio needs a very patient maastrichtian so he can finally decide what topic to research, but he won �t be able to graduate if he keeps on bringing his pig pet to class. Pig

9 Oct 2010     

United States

If I �m not mistaken, a Maastrichtian is actually a person from any area where the dominant livestock are a hybrid between sheep and ostriches.  Interesting creatures the maastriches are.

9 Oct 2010