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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Doubt as regards ws    

Doubt as regards ws


Doubt as regards ws
I came across this ws by miss.cecilia: http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=292968#thetop
I found it great, so appart from downloading it I made a similar one to provide my ss with more practice activities.
My question is: is it against the ToS to upload that ws? The pictures and the activities vary, but as I said before, I did base my activity on hers. Of course, I wouldn īt mind giving credit for the idea in the ws description, and I did send her a PM to see if she would mind, but her last upload was last year, so she might not reply...
The ToS state that "You are allowed to use templates from the "templates page" to make your own contributions, but it is not allowed to use other members ī worksheet as templates." However, I did not use her activity as template, but it does look quite similar, after all, it was miss.cecilia īs ws that inspired me to do my own.
Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

12 Oct 2010      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi dear friend

Forgive me, if I am less polite. Forgive, and try to understand. We , all of us here around have a deal. moreover, we have a webmaster. And, we also have rules.I can understand from what you have written that you have read them.
And this I say, because , seems to me, you are asking about something that you, yourself, know the answer.

if what you want to upload is, in your opinion, so , but so similar...
If you haven īt got an answer from the member that has inspired you

I think , just me and my thoughts,
you reached the answer!!

It īs not yours, you know it,
Why raise problems just for some miserable points?

What are points in your life?

I have a friend, returned from ex colonies, invited me to have dinner, my little sister broke one of her glasses, at table, one from every colour and shape ( she didn īt have money for more ). I was really upset and claimed with my little daughter ( 4 years old )

And my friend told me:

Calm down, doesn īt matter, think, just think, what is a glass in someone īs life ?

I knew that glass was really important, because she didn īt have anymore.

I usually cry when I remember this.

Great people walk through life , without nothing, and can be so fully happy.
Others, walk around, their pockets full, and are always empty

My opinion. if yoiu have doubts, that is because you know it is not fully right..
Do as you wish
If you don īt like this kind of answers , don īt ask again

Anyway, anything you may need, if I can. I īll gladly help you

A friend, if you want

12 Oct 2010     


Linda, thanks for the advice. But, actually it īs not about the points at all. I īd like to share the activity because I found it quite useful, and to tell you the truth, it took me a while to make the one I made -with the drawing of the picture, and coming up with the correct questions/statements/etc. So, I thought I might save somebody some time by uploading it, and that īs why I īm asking. If there was a way of sharing the ws, without getting any points, I īd upload it all the same, but with the point system, you can īt. And there is where my question lays. I īm new to this site, and therefore I still need to learn loads of stuff about it. However, if I understand correctly, we are here to share our teaching materials, so, even if I based myself on someone else īs ws, I did put quite some work in it, and I guess, I just wanted to benefit others with it. That īs why I asked before just posting it, I don īt want to offend anyone buy doing it, do you understand what I mean?

12 Oct 2010     


Hi Erika,
as you suspected, you are not allowed to do that. Nice of you to ask instead of doing it directly. Big hug!

12 Oct 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi , again

What you have just written here, on the forum , sorry, doesn īt go with what you have written in the description of your last printable ( I think all this subject is about your last contribution, otherwise it wouldn īt make any sense , right )

You wrote in your last contribution somethinh really different    

I quote:
These are some flashcards I drew to decorate my classroom bulletin board. I bought some cute clip arts online so I based my pictures on them and this is what I came up with. The images can also be used for games related to weather.

Either one of several ( as we say here )
You got inspired, you drew the clipart, you bought it ...

As I said before, do as you wish, do what you think is correct

What I really hate is when people don īt think with their own heads and show up to ask and involve others in what should be their own decisions.
You have a head, you think, you have doubts, you are not sure if you can/ should upload , I repeat, if you have doubts about what you have done, may be that means something.

I can speak - my most downloaded printable was deleted BY ME.

Someone raised some questions and I cut down the problem - I deleted it  and that person hat to close her mouth, what do I wat points for ?

Think , and  decide- it īs up to you - be sure, I rarely go to the reporting page, I don īt have neither the time nor the mood, buit when I have, I like things tigh and straight.

Not to me to decide,you just asked for an opinion, I gave it, either you take it or not. Isleep well on both sides.


12 Oct 2010     


No, it īs not about my last contribution. That one, as I said, was drawn by me, even though, I did buy some clipart that inspired me, it īs not a copy. The Tos say: "Your contributions must be your own creations. You can use free images from cliparts or other free sources. You can also use images that you have subscribed to and paid for." I did both, I bought some cliparts, they are what inspired my drawings, and I DREW the pictures, I added the labels and that was it.
 My question was about a comparatives and superlatives activity. I posted the link to the original when I started this thread.
Anyway, I was just asking, because I wasn īt sure what to do. Got my answer, thanks!

12 Oct 2010     


I don īt quite understand what the big fuss is ... if your image and activities are different from hers I see no problem at all
Should we delete all the family tree activities because  they pretty much look the same or all worksheets with "put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense" ?
If you made your worksheet from scratch I say īUpload it! ī

12 Oct 2010     


That īs why I asked...

12 Oct 2010     


Just post it pErikita. There are loads of similar ws on this site. Thnx for willing to share your work.

12 Oct 2010     


Hi Jecika and Errie,

you īve been here longer than I have... was I wrong then, to think it was not allowed ?
 I would like to know, too... Thank you for your answer!
And... olindalima ... "if you donīt like these kind of answers donīt ask again"  ????  wow, if thatīs the way youīd "gladly" help ... donīt !!   Erika was just asking nicely ... 

12 Oct 2010     

Korea, South

same topic, different ideas/images and lesson plan means different ws. for example, there are many ītopic ī crosswords out there. same idea, same type ws but it is not reported due to different images. i would say post it since i am assuming your ws has more īpractice activities ī like you stated than miss cecilia īs original.

12 Oct 2010