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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > "Word of the Day", Wednesday, 2nd Shift: Sgiomlaireached    

"Word of the Day", Wednesday, 2nd Shift: Sgiomlaireached

United Kingdom

"Word of the Day", Wednesday, 2nd Shift: Sgiomlaireached

Once again, thank you!

Today�s �Word of the Day� is:


Sgiomlaireached = SGIOMLAIREACHED


We have had several crazy suggestions, so far.  You can see previous entries, here:




We want witty, humourous or even silly definitions, please.

The baton will be passed around the world to the person with the funniest description!

The Winner will be announced after MIDNIGHT, Spanish time!

Good Luck!



13 Oct 2010      


It is used when someone has so many aches that he/she can �t even pronounce the name of the illness well... Dead

13 Oct 2010     

Czech Republic

This is my father �s excalamation when he climbed up the high Romanian mountain - when he reached the top of the mountain, he was out of breath, you know...
So the right sentence would be: "Sgiomla is reached!"
By the way - " SGIOMLAIREACHED! " can be used as an exclamation with the meaning: "I have done it!"

13 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

At last! After all those fancy Greek and Latinate words, we �ve got the real language of Eden: the Gaelic, no less. 

Sgiomlaireachd: pronounced scum-leerie, the word entered the English language via those highlanders who, over the centuries, migrated to Glasgow and carried on a mutual love-hate relationship with their lowland hosts. A gaelicised Lallans term, it refers to an attitude of wariness (being �leery �) toward someone who purports to be your friend but in all likelihood would just as soon cut your throat and ransack your sporran (a �scumbag �).

So, an adjective meaning �suspicious of people who hang around railway stations �.

13 Oct 2010     



13 Oct 2010     

Greek Professor

All i know is a liar reached something....
I �m so...Cartoon of a Man with His Tongue Tied clipart

13 Oct 2010     

Puerto Rico

hey greek thats a watermark clipart your comment is going to be reported and removed  Wink

14 Oct 2010