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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > "Word of the Day" - The WINNER    

"Word of the Day" - The WINNER

United Kingdom

"Word of the Day" - The WINNER

Hello, Everyone.

It is now Midnight in Spain, (because I can just hear the bells of Madrid Cathedral striking twelve!)


Here are the submissions for Sgiomlaireached

Juliag gave us: “The special cry an eagle gives on reaching it ´s lair at the top of a very, very high mountain”.

Adriennesmiles: ” The gnome I reached”.

David Lisgo said: The word is not at all complicated and simply means. "I´m home!"

Redbull said: “A smelly scruffy person laying in his/her pit reaching out for emotion”.

Ide Bere: “Maybe Sergio Martinez and Ed are in a rally and Ed is winning so Sergio Martinez has to lie to reach Ed”.
Mariethe House: “Sergio had a molar that ached” (“Sergio had terrible toothache”).

Elderberrywine: “It ´s the death rattle , the last sound before dying, of an ESL member who just found out that another one of his worksheets was stolen and uploaded by somebody else”.

Joserik: “It is used when someone has so many aches that he/she can ´t even pronounce the name of the illness well...

Moravc: The right sentence would be: "Sgiomla is reached!"
An exclamation with the meaning: "I have done it!"

Greek ProfessorAll i know is a liar reached something....”


Sgiomlaireached = “The habit of dropping in at mealtimes”.

And the WINNER IS:

Almaz, and he gets to choose the next “Word of the Day”


At last! After all those fancy Greek and Latinate words, we ´ve got the real language of Eden: the Gaelic, no less. 


Sgiomlaireachd: pronounced scum-leerie, the word entered the English language via those highlanders who, over the centuries, migrated to Glasgow and carried on a mutual love-hate relationship with their lowland hosts. A gaelicised Lallans term, it refers to an attitude of wariness (being ´leery ´) toward someone who purports to be your friend but in all likelihood would just as soon cut your throat and ransack your sporran (a ´scumbag ´).


So, it’s an adjective meaning ´suspicious of people who hang around railway stations ´.


Thanks to all competitors for your wonderful suggestions!



14 Oct 2010